CONTENTS by Chapter

1.  The Causes
2.  Right Brain-Left Brain Theory
3.  Statistics
4. The Consequences
5.  The Sinister Lefty
6.  Classroom Woes
7.  Why Handwriting is Important
8.  Let's Get Started
9.  Helpful Suggestions For You and Your Student
10. Famous Lefties (their comments on being left-handed)
11. Now For The Really Good News
12. Research Notes
"left-handed but not left behind is a must read"

The most up-to-date research and information on left-handedness. This book dispels much of what is believed to be true about Lefties today. There is valuable information on how to nurture and teach the left-handed child or adult in a right-hand dominant society and a writing method just for lefties.  Plus interviews with celebrities discussing how they coped with being left-handed from adolescence to adulthood."
Did you know:

The very popular belief that lefties are more creative and righties are more logical has never been proven,

no one is totally left-sided or right-sided,

The true cause as to why we are born left or
right-handed is unknown,

Lefties do not die younger than righties.


See and hear Annie's interview with Rae Pica on BAM Radio, Titled, "Accomodating Left-Handed Students in a right-handed world"
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