Annie Thomassen:

“I am left-handed and have always felt that I was a member of a special group of people.  I am proud to be a lefty, as a child in school and at home I met the inconveniences, and they were inconveniences, of functioning in a right-handed world with challenge and an attitude of an over comer.”


Why I wrote this book:

Handedness is a very stimulating subject that raises much emotion by both lefties and righties alike. 


I have always thought it was interesting that I was born left-handed and have always been curious as to why people are born with a side preference.  In my studies at college, I had the opportunity to write a paper and I chose the topic, “Left-handedness, Causes and Consequences” which led me to some very interesting information on left-handedness, side dominance and the myths that surround being left-handed.  Also during my research, I began home schooling my then 9 year old lefty daughter, Jelica, and found at that time there was very little information or help to teach a left-handed child.


“Left-Handed But Not Left Behind, A Positive Approach for the Left-handed Student” written by Annie Thomassen has practical teaching tips and the latest left-handed information.  Annie lives in Sarasota, Florida with her right-handed husband Harry who lets her keep the mouse on the left side of the keyboard.  They have two daughters, Erin is a righty, and Jelica a lefty.