Contact Information:  If you wish to order a book, set up a consultation or send me your "Lefty" story/experience you can contact me by email at: or simply call me:  tel. 941-544-2243. Below are the Payment Methods:

Pay by Check: 
Option One:  Email. Send me a check for $1.99, then I will email you the book.

Option Two:  Mail me a check for $7.95.  Includes $2.00 shipping. I will mail you a hard copy of my book. add $1.00 & I will include lefty pencil* 

Option Three:  You can Download it from Smashwords  for $1.99 just click on the word below:


Option Four: Download it from: for $1.99 or go to and type  title "Left-Handed But Not Left Behind" in the search box.

The Mailing address is:  2269 Lakewood Drive, Nokomis, FL 34275
A "Lefty Pencil"  has the word "Leftyprinted on it so that when held in the left-hand to write the Lefty can read it.  (It's not up side down like all other writing implements)