Annie Thomassen’s book, Left-Handed But Not Left Behind is a must have self-help manual for all lefties and those who love them. Leslie Rowe,

Left-Handed But Not Left Behind
, is a “Bible for all lefties to live well.”

“You have helped my son and boosted his self esteem; the world is a better place because of people like you" E-mail from a satisfied reader from Indiana.

“Mrs. Thomassen, I really am enjoying your book and it helped me immensely, it’s a Godsend. I really appreciate it. Thank you and bless you; have a long and healthy life.” Phillip L. Hall, Jr. retired senior from South Carolina.

"We have placed your book in our self-help for parents section of our library. A very interesting work, Thank you." Amy G. Head librarian for the public library in Lincoln, Mass.

School Principal, Stefan Vogel, "The book is very thorough and inclusive of just about any that needs to be said to left handers, their parents and any school people who will take note."

Left-Handed But Not Left Behind
 is very affordable.  Parents of left-handed children will find they have found a true friend in Annie Thomassen.  She has written from her heart and this little book will most likely save many families some of the frustration and tears that comes from teaching/learning handwriting!  Making the Grade: A, From Cindy Prechtel of the internet catalog “Home Schooling From the Heart”

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